Invitation by MAXXI in partnership with MoMA to participate in the international competition YAP (Young Architects Program), among other 4 short-listed participants


location: Rome | Italy
year: 2018
design: Tomé Capa + Limit Studio


YAP’s idea is to build a temporary installation that, in this case, would be functioning during 5 months (June to October). However, five months is not a very long time for such an investment.
We question ourselves about the future of this investment, not in an immaterial sense, but rather in a physical and material point of view – what happens with this structure after the YAP event?
Being sustainability the main subject of the challenge, if we don’t think in a future for this installation, this requirement won’t be truly fulfilled.

The way defined to give a practical and immediate future to the installation was to make it as an object that the public could take home and use it.
Taking advantage of one requirement of the competition, the bench was defined as the referred object.

The basic design form achieved through this concept results in a rectangular deployment resembling to a warehouse.
This is the idea of our proposal. Use the 80.000€, transforming the installation in a everyday object that can be used in the exterior space of MAXXI, but also for the people to take home, transforming the installation in a truly sustainable construction, offering it a future.