O que vai acontecer aqui?

Installation for an event promoted by the online magazine Ócio


location: Braga | Portugal
year: 2016
design: Tomé Capa


O que vai acontecer aqui? (What’s going to happen here?) in “Velha-a-Branca” (the cultural centre), in the next building, in the other and in the next one, in “Largo da Senhora-a-Branca” (the square), in the old “Sé” (the church), in the great capital and the country?
I’m confused.
“What’s going to happen here?” is a question that questions not only the future but also the past and the present of the city.
It questions the true meaning of heritage and its conservation. (It is not only with the preservation of a facade or the built nucleus of a building that the heritage is valued. The heritage is also “La Grande Bellezza” of the place.)
It specifically asks the importance and heritage value of the “Velha-a-Branca” cultural centre and its future, and the relationship it has with its past.
It asks the difference between the old churches and the “Velha`s” treasure that has begun a process that was frozen in time and can die.