Selected project for the artistic competition Noite Branca


location: Braga | Portugal
year: 2016
design: Tomé Capa
assembly team: Tomás Capa, João Quintas, Hugo Barroso, Ivo Ferreira, Jacobo Costa, José Dias, Abílio Vilaça


The White Night (Noite Branca) is a heavenly night event, where each person dressed in white resembling a star, represents a coordinate that constantly moves through the Space. This Space/City changes continuously as a radiant constellation due to the movement of its stars which are interconnected with each other.
According to the legend, for millennia (thousands of years) ago, in China, astrologers used to have an instrument to record and follow the movement of the celestial bodies and the progression of the sun and moon. Over the years, that instrument has become a traditional Chinese game, now known as Mahjong.
It is intended that this installation is an astral device, working as an instrument of connection between the celestial networks (the people) and Space (the city).
This construction acts as a contact mechanism between people and the city.
Mahjong is the game of citizens seeking to approach the city to the people and the people to themselves.