Fábrica de Sonhos

Winner of the art competition Viartes promoted by Via Catarina Shopping (Sonae Sierra)


location: Porto | Portugal
year: 2017
design: Tomé Capa


Fábrica de Sonhos (Dream Factory) is the place where the most intrinsic desires of each of us are produced.Like the great castles of fairy tales, the colorful industries of fiction stories, fairs and popular parties, circuses and cabarets, the façade of Via Catarina Shopping, is now a portal of joys and fantasies.
The main concern considered for the creation of the installation was the context in which it is implanted: it is a shopping mall - the place where there are several sale stores that can complete the wishes of several people.
The idea is to create a fantasy narrative and atmosphere about this simple fact. Transform a mall in a Dream Factory.