Fábrica de Artigos

Co-founder and co-editor of the magazine


location: Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura (CAAA) - Guimarães | Portugal
year: 2015
design: Tomé Capa, Ricardo Acosta, Ivo Vaz Barbosa, Mónica Castro, Miguel Pinto


The installation Fábrica de Artigos is a live archive of Plicas (architecture magazine) created until the end of the publication. The model object is seen as a factory in ruins - or under construction?! - whose rooms refer chronologically to past editions of Plica, through the longitudinal axis, using the content created in the articles to design a small installation in each room: if Plica transforms the architectural experience of an image into articles, now what is presented it is the conversion of articles in architecture. The cycle is sealed.
The installation of a painting in space changes the way we see things, creating a framework from which an image is born. We ask our visitors to look through the frame at the bow of the model - a destroyed space with an ironing board - and dare to register drawings and impressions that the image awakens. We therefore arrived at the second meaning of an article factory, transforming the exhibition itself into a creative and participatory instrument.