I conciliate two things I most appreciate: art and architecture.

I work in different artistic fields, such as installation, performance, illustration, photography, video, music, design and writing.

At the base of all these areas is architecture.

I am graduated with a master's degree in architecture (Universidade do Minho) and I currently work as an architect, co-founder of LIMIT studio (

With an education as rigorous and versatile as the teaching of architecture, and being present in my daily life, this is part of what I am, what I think, what I do, artistically speaking.

I might consider all these artistic fields as tools in the way that I can use them together to reach a certain end, even if it is not linked to a specific category.

This end of artistic purpose is a response to impulses, desires, reflections and manifestations, which can have a personal feature or a social and political nature.