I was born in 1989.
Until 2004 I did what I was supposed to do.

I attended a course of Arts at high school from 2004-2007.
I attended the Landscape Architecture course at UTAD for one year, from 2007-2008.
I studied at Università di Roma Tre, from 2011-2012.
I studied for 5 years and finished my master's degree in Architecture at Universidade do Minho, in December 2013.

Since then, I had several professional experiences:
I worked as assistant editor in the architecture magazine A.Mag, while working for the design company Desenho Ibérico, in 2014;
I participated in an international architecture competition in partnership with Imago studio (Cerejeira Fontes) in 2014/2015;
I worked as a collaborator for the architect Nuno Capa, in 2015;
I worked in Aguiar Maia Arquitectos, for two years, in Lisbon.
I worked in Carvalho Araújo office, in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2018.

In 2017, along with two other partners, we created Limit Studio - www.limitstudio.pt

In addition to the current dedication to Limit Studio, I'm developing and focusing on my personal work in the area of urban intervention, through the creation of artistic installations, combining two of the things I most appreciate - art and architecture.